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No more Lone Ranger

on August 9, 2012

Friday is my official caring day. My husband has frontal lobe dementia and lives in an excellent care facility but on Fridays, I take him out for the day.

I won’t be doing that tomorrow. My step-daughter and family have come on holiday for a week and tomorrow they are taking John out. I shall have an extra day to write and do the other things I do.

But it’s strange. I’m used to being the Lone Ranger. The one who solves all the problems, oversees his care, makes sure everything is all right – and provides a happy outing on Fridays. The One-Stop Shop.

Tomorrow I have to recognise that there’s something better than the Lone Ranger on offer. And be glad.

So many carers slip into the need-to-be-needed trap, where their identity and sense of value comes from their caring role at the expense of everything else. Then when their loved one goes into a care facility or dies, their world’s sudden emptiness plunges them into depression or ill-health.

Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto as a side-kick. Carers need side-kicks and support. You can’t do it Lone Ranger style for very long. I know. I tried. And  now that I’ve handed on the baton to an excellent team at the care home I need to make sure I don’t slip back into Lone Ranger ways of thinking that I’m the only one who really knows him, who understands the illness, who can see what’s happening. I need to share the care. No more Lone Ranger.

‘Come to me all you who are weary from carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’ Matthew 11:29






2 responses to “No more Lone Ranger

  1. Anne says:

    That’s good you understand this from every angle. I imagine it is still hard to do. At the moment, post-op. – nothing major – I am being cared for. It is very hard NOT to be able to do things and I feel guilty at receiving so much care as I watch my husband look tired after a day at work then come home to do the things I would normally do. It is probably a good experience for him – proving to himself he can cook, clean, iron, garden……..and give me a row if I try to do so much as switch a machine on………..

    I like the text.

    Look after yourself too.

    • Try to enjoy being waited on hand and foot: it won’t last cos you’ll be better and back on your feet before long! I’m having great fun with this blogging and am trying to do one a day till I have a weekly pattern. Today’s is on food (sort of!)

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