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Not exactly the Olympics…

on August 10, 2012

January used to be the month to start new things, create the list of New Year Resolutions… and by the end of the month have given up on every one. But strangely this August has become a month for doing new things.

Here in the UK, the deluge of gold medals won in the Olympics appears to have kick-started many a couch potato into physical activity of some sort.

Not me.

This month, I’ve tackled two challenges.

The first was food/eating/weight. Groan. Plan A was to go on the Daniel fast – named after Daniel in the Bible who persuaded his captors to let him and his friends eat only vegetables and drink only water for ten days, after which they were found to be the healthiest of all the captives.

I’ve tried a couple of different kinds of fasts this year. The first one was pretty easy – you eat anything you want for breakfast and your midday meal, but then you eat no more till breakfast the next day. (Fasting: 18 Hours for Your God-Given Body by Debbie Sweetser). I even enjoyed the experience so tried something more: a whole day fast, informed and encouraged by Lisa A Nelson’s A Woman’s Guide to Fasting ( That was very special and the spiritual effects continued for quite a while.

However, I was still struggling with my weight and wanted something for a longer haul. That’s when I found Susan Gregory’s The Daniel Fast,” a 21 -day plan to physical and spiritual health” ( Sounds good – but I fell at the first hurdle. I couldn’t give up my first cup of full-caffeine coffee when I wake.

As one of the world’s natural dormice, I need my sleep, and whenI get it I hang on to it. To wake up, caffeine is a must. So I chose to modify the no-chemicals instructions…

The result is an-almost vegan but certainly much healthier way of eating. I’m enjoying trying new recipes. To shift the excess weight, I’m attempting to do a vegan Slimming World (all hints and tips welcome!).

And I’m aiming to stick with it till the end of August. We shall see!

Oh, the other thing I’m starting new in August?  You might have spotted that. Thanks to Pat Wood, this blog!


2 responses to “Not exactly the Olympics…

  1. Pat says:

    Give up caffeine? No way. No no and no.
    Diet? Nope, not doing that either. But have decided that it is not my meals that cause my problems, only the things I do in and around them. Going back to eating what I like at week ends, being good during the week.
    And WordPress is helping – yay! Who knew?
    If my nose is glued to the screen for three quarters of the day, either writing or blogging, or even tweeting, there is no time to eat.
    At least I hope it will be a result. Will check out the scales in a week and see what has happened.

  2. Yeah, but I read somewhere that those pesky pounds won’t stay off unless combined with exercise. I guess it has something to do with bad habits. I wouldn’t know…I don’t have any, do you? At least none that I”m counting as bad. How can icecream be bad? Best wishes on the new program. We’re rootin’ for ya.

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