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Anyone for a bite of apple?

on August 14, 2012

Good things may not be announced by trumpets – though that would be fun. But not-good things slither into your life and start to take over.

I didn’t blog on Saturday. Sunday is my Sabbath so I didn’t blog then. Monday kind-of came ready-filled with coffee with a friend at 10.30 then Bible study at 2… And now it’s Tuesday afternoon. It’s hot and I’m dealing with resistance.

The best treatment of resistance I’ve come across is by Steve Pressfield in Do the Work! and The War of Art. (Thanks to Jeff Goins for the intro.)

“On the field of Self stand a knight and a dragon.

You are the knight.

Resistance is the dragon.”

He’s a slithery, slinky beast this dragon. Give him an inch and he takes the rest of your life if you let him. I let him have Saturday, then Sunday. Oh sure, I can rationalise those as ‘le weekend’, time off, etc. But Monday? ‘And how many thousand words have you written on the new novel today?’ I hear you ask.


I’d change the subject, except this is the subject. Writing. Getting the butt on the chair and the fingers on the keyboard. Which is where I reckon blogging comes in.

I’ve been following a great discussion on ‘How Important is Blogging for Unpublished Writers?’ kicked off by Jody Hedlund on Publishing Talk. The pros and cons get well chewed over. For me, I reckon blogging has two benefits:

  1. the sense that I have to write something. That someone will notice if I don’t show up. That I’m letting myself and the lovely people who read my blog down if I don’t come with something for them. This is a very positive motivator.
  2. it warms up my fingers and the bit of my brain that manages the writing so once I’ve got started I want to continue. Blog done, I want to hit the next chapter of the book and with luck it will be like Friday when the cat that talks (Bella) came up to my study and demanded her supper since I was late feeding her!

Of course what creates the extra motivation are the lovely comments which underline the fact that someone is reading the blog – so special thanks for encouragement from Anne Charleston, Pat Wood and the Lutheran Ladies. Bless you!




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