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5 things that make me cry

on August 16, 2012

It’s the funny things that catch me unexpectedly that can make me cry. Because it’s unpredictable, some days can be more soggy than others. Anyway, here’s a short list…

  1. Seeing people on tv who have dementia. This is because it reminds me of my own predicament with a husband with frontal lobe dementia in a care home. Thank you, though, to last night’s BBC tv The Flowerpot Gang. I thought it was going to be gardening-lite but it morphed into a sensitive treatment of folk with dementia in a home for 60 and their family and friends. Seeing those lovely competent coping wives with husbands in the home made me feel much less guilty and much more normal.
  2. Seeing their carers and how they suffer. Because it forces me to face where I am and what’s going on in my life. Brilliant piece by Arifa Akbar in yesterday’s Independent.
  3. Vangelis’s Chariots of Fire music. It was our song…. (And of course they kept playing bits of it during the London Olympics. Gulp.)
  4. The fabulous Highland Cathedral played on  the pipes. The organist played it at my mother’s funeral. I want to write a hymn to that music!
  5. Any of the places where my heart was broken – but that’s another list!

I remember a pop song from the early seventies: ‘I never promised you a rose garden’. True. I like roses though… used to have a bed with 50 Alexander rose bushes in it. Oh wait, that belongs to no.5. Stop there!


One response to “5 things that make me cry

  1. bl00ger21 says:

    …hope you can hold onto the memories that make you smile. Perhaps you can carry out things the other enjoyed and feel as though you’re together or that they are with you in spirit.

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