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Trophy wife for the day

on August 17, 2012

Friday’s my usual day to go visit my husband in the care home and take him out for the day. Our usual outing includes lunch and today’s was good. I’ve discovered Prezzo’s are including in their guest menu as a side order deep-fried courgette slices. I love these and I wonder does anyone have a recipe, especially for a shallow-fried, not so calorific version?

We had a voucher for two courses (starter + main, or main + dessert) for £10, so since the starter we wanted was off-menu, we obviously had to select a dessert. (Interestingly my husband has developed  a sweet tooth since the dementia took hold. I’m not suggesting that people with a sweet tooth are demented….!) So we had the profiteroles.

Yum. No other word for it. Profiteroles are my all-time all-singing and dancing weakness. And these were good. Creamy chocolate filling, lots of cream poured over, and chocolate flakes just to add more scrumminess. Joy and delight.

I reckon I’ve got a real win when an outing adds significantly to his quality of life – and a real win-win when it contributes to mine too. So today was a goodie.

People with dementia are still people. The people they always were. Sure his memory is shot and when he tried to tell me how we’d met, I was fascinated by the decidedly garbled version of events! Doesn’t matter though. He still knows who I am – sort of – and he loves to come out on Fridays and have some fun. Even better, some of the other residents of the care home are envious and tell him so!

It’s great to be able to be something of a trophy wife at my great age (not to mention non-size 8 shape!) even if it’s food and an outing that rings his bell, and mine!



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