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Print or Kindle?

on August 20, 2012

I love statistics. I love the quantifiable. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that the subject I have tagged most in my blogs so far is…. Food.

Today’s food of mention has to be the yummy banana cake a friend made for our last-session-in-the-series Bible study this afternoon. Served after a fascinating hour on Revelation, amongst good friends, excellent conversation, tea and coffee, this is ministry I can really appreciate!

But then I get home and discover that one of the cats has been sick.

I have two cats – Bella the cat that talks, and Lucy the cat that can’t even miaow properly. Bella’s not telling so I don’t know which one is the culprit. And culprit is the word because whoever it was, sicked up on the back cover of my Kindle Quick Guide.

I’m grateful it wasn’t my Kindle. I love my Kindle. The only thing I don’t like about my Kindle (apart from how much money I spend on impulse-buy e-books: so much more tempting even than print books from Amazon), is that I can’t then hand on the books to friends I know would also enjoy them.

There is therefore, may I assure all print publishers out there, a future for print.

A friend – Pat Wood – has declared on Facebook her intention to publish one of her novels on Kindle. I’m sure it will do well. Having come up the print route as an editor, I love the feel of a newly printed book – and a nice little row of books with my name on the spine on my bookshelves. But Kindle-publishing does save the delays and the angst of the submission-rejection-submission merrygoround.

So yes, I’m tempted to have a go at Kindle too. But I would like to try the world of print one last time for the novel I’m currently working on. Pat’s offering the first few chapters of her novel as a sample. I wonder would anyone be interested to sample mine? It’s a Christian novel, set in 1921 amongst the fishing communities of my native Wick (Scotland) and the big herring port of Great Yarmouth (England). It’s a story of family secrets, love, faith and reconciliation…

Let me know!


One response to “Print or Kindle?

  1. Pat says:

    Hi – Thanks for the plug. Declared on WordPress too. I have set up a Mailing List page for exactly that purpose.
    Hope you’re going to like this: I am nominating you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Haven’t set up the page yet, but if you mosy on over to me later this evening, you can pick up the details. I personally don’t display the badge, but if you would like one, it is available via the search option or via the person who awarded it to me – details on my pages.

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