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How to be perfect

on August 28, 2012

It took two and a half hours to get me on the internet this morning. My virus protection software had automatically updated itself overnight and somehow disconnected my broadband service.

What do you do when your computer won’t work? When your broadband or email service goes awol?

Oh, the temptation to scream.

I phoned my broadband service provider. By the time I had listened to four menus and punched my phone keypad with an option for each one, I was muttering at the automated voice…

So where did we get this crazy idea that things should work perfectly for us? That the world should be perfect, people should be perfect, including us?

What a cheap trick.

It ain’t a perfect world. Pretty nice, really. But not perfect.

Ditto people, including me.

And, if you’ll forgive me for mentioning it, you too.

Not to mention broadband providers, and virus protection, and…

It wasn’t actually the foul-up with my internet connection that brought home to me the lesson of my own imperfection. That hit a couple of days ago when a friend mentioned something. I took it personally. Took off on a spiral of depression and bad thinking… and, thank God, found myself led inexorably to this conclusion:

  • I’m not perfect. I’m human.
  • Most of the other people I will encounter in this world are also human.
  • Therefore imperfect.
  • I mess up, make mistakes, get things wrong, upset people… etc. etc.
  • I’m a Christian so I take all this gunk to God and ask forgiveness and He, I am so happy to know, forgives me because of Jesus. (I also apologise to the other folk involved.)
  • What I’m supposed to do when I encounter the mess-ups other people do in my life is forgive them as freely and as generously as God forgives me.
  • This is what Jesus meant when he told us to love one another.
  • Love = free and generous forgiveness.

You wanna be perfect? Sorry, it can’t be done at the moment, here on earth.

The best we can do is the best we can do.

And that means recognising and accepting our imperfection, cutting ourselves some slack if we tend towards perfectionism, and forgiving the imperfections of others.

Welcome to the real world.

Forgive me?





One response to “How to be perfect

  1. Pat says:

    Er, who told you you weren’t perfect, my perfect friend? Of course you are. You are absolutely as perfect as it gets, as am I. Sometimes our edges get a little ruffled, our corners a bit knocked and sometimes we get a bit down. But basically, we’re fine. Life happens.
    Do not let it get to you. Quit the bad thinking and bang the door closed on that person that made you feel bad.
    Making people feel bad is not what life is about.
    There is a big yellow sun at the bottom of this page.
    Stare at it for one whole minute and then smile.

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