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Real-life Sunday

on September 9, 2012


You have come to us, Lord Jesus, and You invite us to come to You – just as we really are, in the honesty and authenticity of our humanness, with all our failings, frailty, brokenness, and our false confidence in our own competence to run our lives and get things right.

You welcome us with a smile of total understanding. You are the God who has been here, done that, got the t-shirt! You are no stranger to our world with all its temptations and problems. You really understand us.

We have no need to hide. We can tip out the trash bucketful of worries and hurts and mistakes at Your feet and You won’t recoil. You simply offer Your hand to us and invite us to step away from it into Your power and presence.

You offer us full forgiveness if we repent and want to change. And You give us Your Holy Spirit to be our constant helper, tutor and guide so that we can move on, learn and grow.

Thank You, Lord Jesus.



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