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The Scribendi cacoethes Monday afternoon blues

on September 10, 2012

I shouldn’t really be writing this.

I should be downstairs at the other laptop – the one not hooked up to the internet, the one with no games on it, the one that is dedicated (as I should be) to writing.

But isn’t this writing?

Well, yes it is – but it feels more like chatting to a friend on the telephone. (So thanks for reading, for being here!)

What I mean by writing is THE NOVEL. The one about the Scottish fisher lassies. The one that hasn’t got a title I like yet. That writing. I’m not doing it, having not done so today…yet. And I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms.

I only realised what was wrong when I found myself stuffing some fruit bars I didn’t really like into my face and washing them down with too-strong coffee. Complete waste of time (and a disaster on the scales tomorrow). But it brought me up short. I heard the alarm bells ringing.

I get withdrawal symptoms because I suffer from scribendi cacoethes. It’s incurable, but neither infectious nor contagious. Juvenal came up with this term in his Satires. (Though frankly I see nothing satirical about it.) It’s writer’s itch – the incurable, insatiable urge to write.

Which I don’t always make time for. Then the withdrawal symptoms hit – comfort-eating, comfort-reading, comfort-Sudoku (not to mention Spider Solitaire).

The weird thing is how hard it can be to get the butt in the chair and the fingers onto that keyboard so the writing can begin. After all we’re not harming anyone with our little fixation? (Unless of course we’re writing stuff that will harm/damage…)

I suffer from hay-fever. I dislike the symptoms so I take an anti-histamine tablet each morning of the hay fever season. Simple! So why can’t I soothe my jangled soul by giving it its fix of writing? Once I’m there, at the keyboard, it’s easy… It’s the getting there after a couple of days away that’s difficult.

So here I am, suffering from the scribendi cacoethes Monday afternoon blues!



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