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Herding cats

on September 12, 2012


It’s that time again – I have to round up the cats and take them to the vet’s for their annual check-up and flu vaccination booster.

They see me coming and transmit telepathic messages (‘Scarper!) to one another. I’m convinced of it. This time, however, I have booked them in separately. All I have to do is catch one of them. The vet says if I’m able to catch both of them she’ll do them both and save me a trip.

So I have both carrier baskets prepared, sitting on top of the chest freezer in the garage. Now all I have to do is think beautiful thoughts – so they don’t pick up my evil intentions – and amble around to check where they’re holed up.

There are only two of them. You wouldn’t think it would be too difficult. Two innocent looking, sleek black cats with golden eyes. They’ve arranged the house to suit them:




 Bella, on the left, is the talkative one. My friend says she’s probably got some Burmese blood. She lives upstairs most of the time.

Lucy, on the right, is the one with the little Bombay kink to her tail and a squeak rather than a miaow. She lives downstairs most of the time.

She’s actually quite a bit smaller than Bella and  was the runt of the litter.

We’d only planned to have one cat, but when we got there to pick Bella up, there was Lucy looking pathetic and squeaking. How could we possibly leave her behind?

So now we have two. Company for one another is what folk say but really they’re company for me – undemanding company, which is exactly what a writer requires. Lucy snuggles up next to me in my chair in the evening while I watch tv. She watches tv too and jumps up to paw the screen when birds come on! Bella remains oblivious and only comes downstairs to eat, go outdoors or torment her sister.

Sometimes the ideas I have for writing are as difficult to round up and organise as these two cats. They slither out of my grasp and I’ve posted the piece, gone downstairs for a coffee and only then realised I meant to mention… (Yesterday it was Seth Godin’s brilliant The Dip.)

Cats in the UK are deemed wild animals and therefore they and their owners are not responsible in law for any damage they do. I reckon writers should be cut some slack too! After all, when we’re ambling around in our dream world living the next part of the story we’re working on, we can hardly be considered 100% responsible?!!

I’m just putting off the evil hour – just as we so often do before taking the plunge and getting to the keyboard. The cats have a date with the vet… All I have to do is catch them!



2 responses to “Herding cats

  1. Pat says:

    Every witch needs her familiars….

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