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Stay young and beautiful

on September 13, 2012

The cats were caught, taken vociferously to the vets, checked and injected, and brought home offended. It took them a couple of hours to forgive me, but now it seems to be water under the bridge.

What a lesson in forgive and forget! Yesterday evening, Lucy was squeezed in next to me in my armchair while I watched Celebrity Masterchef (love it!), and this morning Bella was on my bed kneading my tum as I tried to concentrate on my portion of Scripture.

I don’t reckon you can get through life without encountering folk you’ll need to forgive. Some people, though, are brilliant at collecting grudges – almost a kind of hobby. And when you meet up with them, their conversation is littered with the latest examples, like a kind of necessary qualification for their miserable face.

Interesting how women’s magazines never tackle this.

Imagine the feature in the beauty section:


How to stay young and beautiful

    From an early age make sure you practise speedy forgiving.                That way you won’t develop nasty facial lines and wrinkles.

A lot cheaper than creams and potions!

They say (whoever they are) that by the time you get to 40?50?60? you will have the face you deserve.


An elderly friend at church was telling me, with amusement, about her grandson watching his Dad prepare a wall for painting. He saw him fill cracks and then sand them down.

‘Hey, Grandma,’ the joy of her heart said. ‘You could get Dad to do that for your face, then you wouldn’t have any wrinkles!’

Poor woman had been a smoker all her life and as a result, her face, at 75, was criss-crossed with deep lines. But bless her, she laughed. She was happy that cancer had not struck her down and she was still alive and able to enjoy her life. And I noticed she didn’t have those deep discontent lines on either side of her mouth.

So let’s aim for faces we’re happy to wear. If we have to have lines, let’s go for laughter lines!




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