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God moves in mysterious ways: a story about a wheelbarrow

on September 16, 2012

Heard a great story at church this morning. About a wheelbarrow.

One of the church members had been trimming the hedge that surrounds the churchyard. Along came a lady in a motorised buggy. But there was the wheelbarrow right in the path so she couldn’t get past.

Asking for it to be moved led to a conversation – as a result of which she decided she would like to attend that church the next Sunday.

She really enjoyed it and went home rejoicing. To discover her neighbours weren’t! All the while she had been at church, and enjoying coffee and fellowship afterwards, her new little puppy, left behind at home, had been crying – loudly! And the neighbours were complaining.

A quick prayer, and it came to her that she should pop round to her neighbours and apologise to them. She is new to the area and rather shy so she wasn’t too keen on the suggestion. But she could not rest. So out she went and discovered her neighbours were nice folk who accepted her apology kindly.

Saving her most complaining neighbour till the last, she was thrilled when that lady offered to look after the puppy next time she went to church!

Better than that, another neighbour expressed interest in accompanying her to church.

And there they both were today.

Chatting to me after the service, the puppy’s owner said quietly to me that her neighbour was really stressed and worried about her grandson’s ill health so we had a special word of prayer and then we came on home feeling blessed.

If you’d like to, please pray for her grandson and for his Mum. And grandma of course, and her neighbour, oh and that man with the wheelbarrow…


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