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North – but not to Alaska!

on September 22, 2012

Packing is easy.

Knowing what to pack is much more difficult!

I’m off up north to spend a week with my sister in the far north of Scotland. It is going to be significantly colder there than down here so I need to think carefully about what I’m going to need.

The ever-present danger is packing too much. Loading up the case so it’s horribly heavy. And then not needing it all.


I’ll be staying over a Sunday so I’m going to need church clothes. (Scotland is much more formal than England.) Hopefully the rest of the time, I can just scruff around in jeans and sweaters and a warm, rainproof jacket. And boots.

I’ve arranged for my kind neighbour to come in twice a day and feed the cats. She’s brilliant about talking to them and seeing that they’re ok. But no doubt they’ll work out that something is up when the suitcase comes out!

I’m going to try and continue the blog while I’m away. My plan is also to do some research on the novel I’m writing as it is partly set in Wick, my home town. I’m really looking forward to standing by the harbour and breathing in the chill air and absorbing the atmosphere. There is a good local history centre and a heritage centre with a focus on the herring fishing – all still open at this time of year. And I’ll bring my camera and take lots of pics!

I’m 23 chapters and 35,000 words into the novel so this is a good place to take a short research break. I’m sure it will freshen up the story and me!

Right. Must go and pack!



One response to “North – but not to Alaska!

  1. Pat says:

    Have a good trip.

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