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What kind of harvest?

on September 23, 2012

I’m just about ready to head off inland into the lovely countryside to lead a harvest festival service at a lovely Methodist chapel. My service reviews the year’s harvest and looks ahead to what God can produce next year.

I’ll be using my own garden as an example of what not to do!!!

I found the following piece some place – can’t remember where and don’t know who it’s by, so my apologies, and thanks.

These are the suggestions for what we might like to try planting for next year:

3 rows of peas                                                                        

Barrington Court’s walled kitchen garden 

  • peace of mind
  • peace of heart
  • peace of soul

4 rows of squash

  • squash gossip
  • squash indifference
  • squash grumbling
  • squash selfishness

4 rows of lettuce

  • let us (lettuce!) be faithful
  • let us be kind
  • let us be patient
  • let really love one another with Christian love

3 rows of turnips

  • turn up (turnip!) for meetings
  • turn up for service
  • turn up to help one another

And herbs: how about plenty of thyme?

  • time (thyme) for each other
  • time for family
  • time for friends
  • time for prayer

Water freely with patience and cultivate with love.

There should be much fruit: after all ‘as we sow, so shall we reap’!


One response to “What kind of harvest?

  1. Pat Williamson says:

    I first found it believe it or not in The Scotsman!

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