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Travelling not so light

on September 24, 2012

I’m now on the second train of my of my four-train 700mile journey up to the town of my birth. Interestingly, I’ve been seated facing. Backwards to the direction of travel on both trains so far.

This gets me to wondering: am I in reality going backwards in going back to the town of my birth which I left so decisively at age 19?

When is going back not regressive? Can it really be a way to go forwards (as in fact the train is taking me)?

Another little curiosity of this trip is what I’ve forgotten to pack. When it comes to packing I am extremely well-organised. I’ve been travelling far and wide since I hit 19, sometimes for three months at a time. So I know about travelling light and checking and double-checking that I’ve packed everything I’ll need.

So it is really weird that on this going backwards journey, I have forgotten to pack my alarm clock.

More than that, yesterday at church, when I began the service, I took off my watch as usual and placed it on the lectern in front of me so I could keep an eye on the time. But I forgot to pick it up when I left. Fortunately I have another watch..

But what is this saying to me – about time? Going backwards to go forwards, and without a clock to keep track of the time?

I tried to work out how to set the alarm clock on my mobile phone and failed, so I set (I thought) the alarm clock function on the fancy Samsung telly in the hotel room. It didn’t work. I woke with 5minutes to spare before breakfast. But I made it.

Is this going to be a much-needed lesson in trust?


One response to “Travelling not so light

  1. I look forward to the next post on this.

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