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A lesson in trust

on September 25, 2012

It could have been a disaster. Almost from the start. The train from London got held up by signal failures at Potter’s Bar – which must only have been about half an hour into its journey. But that meant it was late reaching the connection I was waiting for at Peterborough for stage two of my journey.

I didn’t know at that point that the whole of the rest of my journey had been wrecked. There was no way I’d be able to make the connections to get to my sister’s that night.

But here I am, sitting up in bed in her comfy guest room. And the only explanation is God’s amazing providence.

Let’s go back to me, waiting in the rain at Peterborough station. The display screen is saying that the approaching train is running ten minutes late – which endangers my chance of getting on the one after that.

There are a number of other people huddling out of the rain near me. Nearest is a couple around my own age. I hear the man say “Wick” so I step over and ask, “did you say Wick” and it turns out his wife is needing to make the same connection as me – which it looks like we’ll miss. But she’s been through this before and knows the ropes.

So when we reach Edinburgh on our delayed train and miss our connection to Inverness and thence on the last train up to Wick, she knows what to do. Off we go to East Coast trains reception where a brilliant woman called Pauline sorts things out for us: the next train to Perth, the one after to Inverness, and a taxi to take us plus another passenger onwards to our destinations.

And it all works like clockwork. At Inverness the taxi driver comes looking for us. My travelling companions are delightful company – and what is even more wonderful I am delivered to my sister’s door almost an hour before the train would have!

I believe in miracles. I believe in a wonderful loving God who looks after His children. But sometimes I forget I’m supposed to simply trust. Instead I can waste much time and energy fretting about things I can do nothing about.

Yesterday teaches me how silly that is. How amazingly smoothly God can fix things.

So here I am. Lesson learnt for the now. I just need to keep remembering it!


One response to “A lesson in trust

  1. It all sounds rather exciting actually.

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