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Going with the flow

on October 3, 2012

I feel like Old Mother Hubbard, she of the bare cupboard.

Having cleared the fridge and the fruit bowl before I went off to Scotland, I had to head down to the shops today to replenish my supplies.

My sister, like me, is vegetarian. One of the great things about the trip was discovering someone else’s menu and getting ideas for nice things to cook for myself. So at the supermarket, I was selecting a few different items, and planning.

I particularly loved her daughter-in-law’s beetroot and red onion tarte tatin. Sounds nice and easy: chunk onions and pre-cooked beetroot and caramelise in oil with a little sugar in a frypan. (It needs to be the kind you can put in the oven, or take its handle off to put in the oven.) Roll out puff pastry and cut a circle a little larger than the pan. Put over the beetroot and onions in the pan and tuck the edges down round the vegetables inside the pan. Then put in hot oven for c.10/15 minutes. When it’s ready, place large plate over and turn pan upside down. It comes out looking scrumptious.

This one I am definitely going to try, so I’ve bought red onions to join a pack of beetroot I already had in the fridge, and some roll-out puff pastry. I’ve just spotted three little apples going a bit wizened so I think I might slice them on top of another circle of pastry and cook as a pud for another occasion.

These are autumn recipes. The weather is cooling down, the nights are getting dark a lot earlier, and I’m feeling I want to cook. I even bought a pack of dried soup mix – barley, split peas etc. I love to make soup.

There is something so harmonious about going with the season’s flow. Eating seasonal food. Enjoying the changing season.

Riverside walk, Geise, Caithness, Scotland

Let’s not rush headlong towards the commercialised jangle of 21st century Christmas. Let’s gentle down through autumn’s golden and russet mellowness, then welcome the first frosty morning with its silvered grass and crystalline  spiderwebs.

Me, I’m going to cook up a freezer full of tummy-warming goodies in readiness for the winter. My Mum reckoned we human beings were actually designed to be hibernatory creatures. I want to be ready!


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