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Time for a change?

on October 4, 2012

I loved my trip to Scotland. Loved being with my sister and brother-in-law, and meeting up with so many people who knew me back then and were happy to welcome me now. I loved the fresh air and the glorious scenery.

But I do not love the aching back I have returned with, probably from 17 hours in four trains and one bus.

Yet I need to finish my service preparation for Sunday morning, and get back into writing the novel. I almost said I need to get stuck back into routine… but that jars. Like the ache in my back.

Maybe a change of scene can enable us to see our back-home lives and routines with fresh eyes on our return. Maybe I need to.

My cats appear to have seized this opportunity. Bella, the upstairs cat, is now the downstairs cat, basking in the sun on the chair nearest the front window. And Lucy, the downstairs cat, has taken over the upstairs bedroom. In fact, on my first night home, it was Lucy who appeared on my bed making friendly overtures and then hunkered down to spend the night by my side.

If they can make changes, surely I can. So, what to do?


First, check out my purposes and my priorities.

Next, dream a bit. Ponder how many different ways there are of getting done the things that need to be done. (And yes, with a sore back I definitely need help in the garden!)

Then choose a few new ways… different scheduling… just to see if it works and feels good.

Like the cats.

Though I’m wondering whether they’ll swap back by the end of the week!


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