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Hand it over!

on October 7, 2012

John O’Groats Beach


This time last week, I was walking on the pure white shell sand of John O’Groats on the northern edge of mainland Britain. My sister and two of her friends usually have a Sunday afternoon walk and I was privileged to join them. (As a youngster I’m sure I was a nuisance always wanting to tag along, so being allowed to tag along was a treat – even at my age!)

The sand at John O’Groat is brilliantly white as the photograph shows and it is made from crushed shells including one rather special shell, rather like a small cowrie shell, which is local to this area.

One of my sister’s friends has an eye for this shell even on a beach of shells and crushed shells. She simply homes in on them. And this time, I was the fortunate recipient so by the end of the walk, I had a nice collection.

The shell is known locally as a groatie buckie, but its real name is Trivia arctica. A marine gastropod mollusc, it is a member of the Trividae family, first collected and named by Pulteney in 1799.

It is a tiny thing so its name suits it well. And my sister’s friend had very much the right idea.

Do you remember the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson? Small stuff. Trivia. And we do tend to sweat over trivia. Worry about trivia. Let trivia nag us and unsettle us.

It’s Sunday. Let’s take advantage of peace and quiet and church and time for prayer and do what my sister’s friend did: hand over the trivia, the small stuff (and the big stuff) that’s bothering us – and let’s hand it over to the right person: to Jesus Christ, who will accept it from us and faithfully deal with it for us.

After all, He went to the Cross to deal with all our stuff!


One response to “Hand it over!

  1. Lynn Goodwin says:

    I found 7 grotie buckies this afternoon on Prestwick beach, Ayrshire, is this normal?

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