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Murder Mystery

on October 10, 2012

Confession, it is said, is good for the soul. So here’s a little treat for my soul: I confess that I have just disposed of a dead body.

No, not in the Work-In-Progress novel, or another story.

In real life.

And I have successfully kept it hidden, indoors, in my house for the past two or three days. But today was my opportunity to get rid of it and I took it. I’d been out for a lovely riverside walk with some friends and came back for a light lunch and a naughty cake, which gave me the courage. And now the deed is done.

All I have to do now is wait for is the binmen tomorrow to take it away permanently.

By now those of you who are good at puzzles and either know me personally or have pieced together some of who I am from this blog may well have  made a guess. You’ll be right that I am not – this time – talking of a human body. Neither is it fish nor fowl. For my friends who insist on giving me plants which I inevitably kill either with kindness (too much water) or neglect (too little water), be at ease: I have not murdered any of your recent offerings (though the African violet is looking decidedly peely-wally). (I’m putting a nice piccie in here just to cheer you up.)

Back to the murder mystery: the body was small, furry, four-footed and met its demise at the teeth of one of the cats. I’m not sure which one as I discovered it on the utility room floor (minus its head which lay a few inches away) when I went down to give them their breakfast the other morning – and both of them were standing there with that embarrassed yet also “It wasn’t me, honest!” look they do so well.

I am not one of the more squeamish members of the human race so I scooped up body and head and disposed of it in the appropriate rubbish bin. (We have a fairly complicated system of recycling bins, but there isn’t one marked ‘Mouse’.)

My two furry monsters ate their breakfast without apology or comment. And ex-Mouse remained in the bin till today.

Tomorrow its body will go to that great landfill site whose noxious fumes and break-out fires remind me uncomfortably of wailing and gnashing of teeth. I’m hoping there’s a mouse heaven. If lambs will be able to lie down safely with lions in God’s future universe, I’m hoping mice and cats might be able to co-exist.

Though I’m not sure what Mouse would like to say to Cat first!




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