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Yes, I got a sheep!

on October 14, 2012

The good news is…. I got a sheep.

The not quite so good news is that he’s only on loan and has to go back home tomorrow! And I am not the only person to be sad about this.

He is gorgeous. About 18 inches to the top of his back, which is about 18 inches long – tail to back of head. He has sturdy cylindrical wooden legs and his head is beautifully carved wood, with two strong curved horns attached. His fleece is thick and soft and white.

He is irresistible.

I took him to the All Age service this morning and he was promptly claimed by the oldest teen. She began by stroking his soft wool, then sat on him for most of the rest of the service. I’m afraid Woolly, as she named him, will appear on her Christmas present list! (Though her Mum says she wants one too.)

After the service younger brother and a friend took over. Both of them sat on Woolly, proud bareback riders!

After I managed to persuade them to dismount, I took Woolly round to meet some of the other members of the congregation and everyone wanted to stroke him. Two ladies declared they’d love to have him at home as a footstool.

And I would too.

But he has to go back tomorrow when the shop opens. Because I only have him on loan. And Woolly is the only one they have.

But just for today, Woolly was my little woolly helper spreading a little bit of fun!


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