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Life in balance?

on October 16, 2012

It’s 6 o’clock UK time and I’ve just realised I haven’t written anything on the blog today. I haven’t spent the day checking stats, or Twitter or Facebook either. Could this be a sign that these things have shimmied down into some kind of balance where they are no longer anywhere near top of the heap?

Heap of bits of planes, Flixton Air Museum

Today began (after breakfast) for the first time in ages with me getting back to work on the novel. My sister had been given a copy of a short biography of the evangelist Jock Troup, a key real-life character who has a pivotal role in my book. And that plopped through my letterbox this morning.

After breakfast I cleared a space and devoured it with even more appetitie and enjoyment than I had the porridge (with brown sugar, linseeds, chopped banana, and soyamilk – very Scottish!)  I had earlier consumed.

‘Our beloved Jock’ absorbed me and drew me back into my story. It reminded me of the reasons for wanting to write my book. Reading about the revival that came to Yarmouth and then spread like wildfire up through the fishing villages of the east coast to my home town of Wick fanned the embers of my enthusiasm back into flame.

I know I’ve gone wrong in what I’ve written so far. But now I know where I went wrong and how to put it right. So I grabbed the printed-out pages and worked back through them till I found that point and set to with a red pen. (My professional career as a book editor really helps with the edit process.)

Then it was time for lunch (Moroccan chickpea tagine with lemon couscous – trying to stay vegan) and out to give a talk to a local Methodist ladies fellowship. (What a lovely friendly bunch of Christian ladies.)

And before I knew it, the afternoon had flown and no post for today.

So this is a catch-up. But it leads on to tomorrow…. when I can get back to the novel and start really putting it right. What’s so good is that I can hardly wait!


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