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Today’s challenge

on October 17, 2012

Today began with rain. A grey dismal day.

What to do? Cook up a storm! And my fave stand-by for cold winter days is a fierce chilli. So while my porridge cooked, I chopped onions. After breakfast, listening to lovely music on the radio, I chopped red peppers, garlic, celery, carrots and put them on to soften in a large pot on the stove. (I used some of that special chilli oil my friend gave me for Christmas.)

Veggies nicely softened, I threw in plenty of spices – cumin, coriander, curry powder, tabasco. And went through to the big freezer in the garage for the Quorn mince.

This is where Plan A hit the rocks. All that was left was a half-pack and I was batch-cooking. So off came the apron. I switched off the heat under the pot, and hopped in the car to replenish Mother Hubbard’s cupboard.

By the time I came out of the supermarket, the sun was shining and it was a glorious bright morning. I hurried home and finished off my chilli. As it simmered in the pan, I went out to the garden in search of happy pics for the blog.

A little while ago, I read Ann Voskamp’s brilliant post on her blog If you haven’t found her yet, she’s a joy – I love her words and her fabulous photographs. Today’s post really spoke to me. To paraphrase: ‘Joy is the bravest way to live.’

I like that.

Out in my garden as rain and wind batter the plants and everything starts shutting down for the winter, a few extra-brave flourishes of colour and brightness and joy lift my spirits. This is how I want to be. Today. And tomorrow.

Ann challenges us to find 1000 things t0 thank God for. I’m going to get  out my gratitude journal again this evening and get started recorded the good things in my life.

Are you up for the challenge?


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