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Will there be custard in Heaven?

on October 29, 2012

The East Coast of America braces itself for Hurricane Sandy. Businesses in downtown Manhattan have closed, as has public transport, and the Stock Exchange. Even capitalism apparently knows when it’s beat!

Here we’re suffering changeableness. Saturday morning brought a storm of large hailstones. In moments the ground was white.

Then heavy rain followed and the inevitable flooding. But afterwards the sun came out, reminding me of Incy Wincy Spider who when the rain stopped, climbed back up the waterspout. I too braved the day for some fresh air and managed to get home before the next hailstorm descended.

Yesterday was grey. Rainy and overcast and miserable. A day for staying indoors with a good book – normally my idea of Heaven, but strangely I felt cooped up and resentful that I couldn’t get out for a good walk.

Since I had two services on Sunday, I’ve made today my Sabbath – my day off, day of rest. The morning was bright and I took myself off to my favourite seaside town. And it was only as I got near that I remembered today is the first day of half-term. Sure enough the place was heaving with families making the most of this last holiday before winter really sets in.

But I got the last free spot in the car park!

Seizing our opportunities for joy is maybe one of the keys of a happy life. It’s not something I’m very good at but I’ve decided I’m going to work on it. So after my outing, I came home and made myself a proper lunch (funny how hard that gets when you live alone) which included, for the first time this year, a pudding.

Now I don’t do puddings. I’ve never done puddings. I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth. Long ago when I was young, my stand-by puds for dinner parties was an interesting variation on trifle, a hot spiced fruit salad with ice cream, or a platter of good cheese.

Today I threw together a tub of frozen fat blackberries and some chopped-up wizened apples from the fruit bowl in a sauce made from blackcurrant and apple cordial with a splash of cassis I found lingering at the bottom of a bottle in the booze cupboard and bubbled it on the top of the stove till it was syrupy and luscious. And then… now this is the decadent bit! I made some instant custard.

There is something so soothing and comforting and redolent of  childhood/teenage years at home – for me in any case – about that hot yellow slurpy lava-flow of sweetness that enswathes  its pudding partner in such a loving embrace and fills our tastebuds and our tummies with comfort on a plate.

So, yes. For the first time in years, I made custard. Instant custard.

Will there be custard in Heaven?

How could it possibly be Heaven without custard?!!


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