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Dutifully democratic?

on November 15, 2012

Today, England is supposed to turn out and elect some completely unknown person as Police and Crime Commissioner for their police area. I confess I have not yet voted. The Poll Card sits accusingly on my desk.

As a direct beneficiary of the sacrifices of the British suffragettes, I feel honour-bound to exercise my hard-won right to vote at each election, whether for national or local government. But this? I’m not sure.

First off, this area is firmly in the pocket of the Conservatives. It would appear that there can be no change here. (The fact that one of the famous Rotten Boroughs – Dunwich – is close by is, I hope, irrelevant.)

So what’s the point in voting when the result is a foregone conclusion?

Maybe to encourage the other candidates, especially those who have made any sort of effort?

I was planning on ignoring the party political game and voting for the only one who provided any background material.(Yes, that’s right: one out of four.)  Brownie points should be awarded for at least attempting to communicate with us (instead of treating us like the push-over plebs the others clearly think we are).

In the past I might have been tempted to vote for the only woman on the ticket – but we currently have a female MP who costs us more than most in her expenses (despite the fact that her neighbouring MP who lives 45 minutes down the road costs very little indeed. And they’re in the same party. ) She has completely wiped out my previous tendency to support women in preference to men.

And I have to admit I’m not at all convinced that we actually need a Police and Crime Commissioner, let alone an elected one. I’d love to know how much this silly election is costing us – at a time when the police are actually suffering front-line cutbacks.

There. That’s my rant for today. It’s still a free country so I’m allowed. And we are a democracy so I will trot dutifully down to the Polling Office and put my completely worthless and wasted X in the box, then yell abuse at the tv tomorrow when they announce that the  Tory candidate got in on a landslide.

But why, you may be asking, was I not up bright and early to vote and get it over with?

From the top deck of the bus

Because I skived off today and went on a jaunt, by bus, to the big city for a bit of shopping. Much more fun!


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