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Surprises in store

on November 26, 2012

Mary and Joseph on posada in the snow

I’m one of those folk who write a Christmas letter to send out with the Christmas cards. It began when we lived in Nigeria. Back then it was a good way to review the year and summarise what we’d been up to for our family and friends back home in the UK. There used to be so much to tell…

When life got tough and too much happened that I didn’t necessarily want to share – marriage problems then marriage breakdown and divorce, remarriage, etc etc… – my Christmas letters tailed off. But that only produced a flurry of worried queries from friends about what exactly had been happening!

It became easier simply to try to produce something, at least a little bit cheerful, to pop inside the Christmas cards.

This morning,  thinking I’d need to get down to this task and not wanting to write fiction, I looked over my diary for the year so far, just to see what I had been up to that I could share with my various friends and relatives. I was interested to see that there was a pattern – a new pattern. I discover that through leading worship for a group of churches outside my home area I have been richly blessed with friendship, hospitality, a revitalised social life… lots of good things. There’s a bunch of great folk there I need to thank God for!

And it lifts my spirits to know that He can put lots of new, good things in our lives when we are not expecting it.

As I look at my diary, I’m thinking of what I’d like to see there next year – more nice things! And wondering what surprises God will have in store for me when I’m writing next year’s Christmas letter…



2 responses to “Surprises in store

  1. scskillman says:

    This is a lovely encouraging piece about Christmas newsletters. Sometimes these letters can defeat their own purpose as the writer struggles to say something positive about what has been happening; and sometimes I receive Christmas newsletters when the writer has been unusually honest about their struggles – it’s so difficult to know how to pitch it. On a related subject, I wrote a post about The Christmas List which as you can see creates sadness at times. But it uplifted me to read your post, and to read words that are both positive, and authentic, which can be shared with people at the end of the year.

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