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Washed away?

on November 27, 2012

Stopping for tea and toast on a cold rainy afternoon. The drive back from bible study was grey and unpleasant,but I’m fortunate. I don’t live in a flood-prone area. Even better, my home is on a hill.

But when I lived in Somerset, dealing with floods was an annual occurrence. But usually, I seem to recall, in February. This year, the country is dealing with rain upon rain. The land is soaked from summer rain – something we’ve been warned would happen. A result of global warming. No surprises there.

But I feel so sorry for folk living in places that were flooded in summer and are being flooded all over again.

I do wonder though about the hospital built over a stream – which has now flooded, threatening the operating theatre. And all these new housing developments built on flood plains – places any local could tell you will flood. Whose bright idea was it to build there?

It brings into sharp relief Jesus’ parable about the guys who were building houses. The daft bloke built his – no doubt rapidly and cheaply – on sand. Come the storms and floods, crash! Down came the house. The other bloke with a bit more sense, built his on rock and it survived the worst of the weather.

Of course this story is a metaphor for the most important choice we make in our lives: whether we’ll build our lives on God or in the shifting unreliable sands of the temporal and temporary.


So many people won’t be spending tonight comfortably at home as I will. Thousands upon thousands of people are crowded into refugee camps across the world. And hundreds are in community centres and schools in England and Wales, displaced by the floods.

Lives are easily turned upside down but what stays true?

Surely we can see that it’s us who are making a mess of our planet and of our lives. That the demand for a quick profit has produced societies built on sand.

That maybe it’s time to return to what stays true. Unchangeable. Reliable.



4 responses to “Washed away?

  1. scskillman says:

    This is so true. Your statement “The demand for a quick profit has produced societies built on sand” perfectly summarises your argument. We see evidence of it everywhere & it is our responsibility to fight against it, wherever we can. Thank you for a very discerning post.

  2. Joy Lenton says:

    Your concern for those affected by flooding is one I share. Corporate greed and environmentally foolish choices are good analogies for the unwise foundations we may choose to build our lives upon. As you point out, only the rock solid, unchangeable nature of God is the One thing we can all depend on. Thank you for an interesting post.

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