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Dream a little dream

on December 1, 2012

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It’s dark outside and there’s a man hoovering the front lawn of the house opposite.


Seriously though, what’s he doing is hoovering up the trimmings from his large hedge which he has just sheared into shape using one of those orange boy-toy leaf-blower/sucker-upper thingies. Good for him.

I, on the other hand, am a woman of principle:

  1. I only garden in the daytime when it’s light.
  2. And dry.
  3. And warm.

This means I am unlikely to do any more gardening until spring. For me, it is a great relief to wake to rain or frost or snow. “Whoopee!” I cry. “I can stay in and read/write a book.”

At the moment, there is a pile of books borrowed from the library sitting alongside a pile of books bought from charity shops with my Kindle on top (S. C. Skillman’s Mystical Circles newly downloaded), strategically placed on the table beside my armchair. I’m one-third of the way into an Ian Rankin/Jack Harvey book. He is a new discovery (so I’m a slow learner but I get there in the end) and I’m now enthralled.

Tonight he competes with Strictly Come Dancing. For some strange reason I’m captivated by Strictly. I even watch It Takes Two at 6.30 each weekday evening. Apart from that, I only regularly watch the news. I used to watch Bargain Hunt/Antiques Roadtrip/Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is but I find I have ethical problems with people buying cheap and selling high,  especially to their friends. On the other hand watching people learn to dance and improve week on week, as well as make friends with the other competitors and sincerely encourage and support them is a nice thing to watch.

As winter takes over with its long dark evenings, it’s great to have nice tv amongst the mass of absolute junk and tasteless, even nasty stuff that fills the programming schedules. And I’m glad there are good writers out there producing good reads, especially those writing gripping crime thrillers for devotees like me. (We’ll draw a veil over the tawdry and downright nasty that finds its way into print/e-format. No names, no packdrill.)

Long ago when I was young and skint, the young husband and I used to give each other a book as one of our Christmas presents. This guaranteed that we had something to entertain us during somnolent apres-lunch family gatherings. So I’m thinking, this year, when my husband isn’t well enough to see to my presents,  I’m going to buy a few things for myself that I will really love.

The first is a good-sized bottle of my favourite perfume. I ran out ages ago so that will be a real treat.

Next: book or books. First on my list is the new Laurie R. King for my Kindle. It is taking all my will-power not to download it now….

And I’m beginning to think about a few foodie treats, just for me, for when I get home from spending Christmas Day at the care home. I’m envisaging, feet up, the Queen’s Speech and…? Any suggestions?



6 responses to “Dream a little dream

  1. Helen Murray says:

    …some quality cheese; even possibly a small camembert to put in the oven? That crusty bread that you finish baking yourself, and a good red wine. I could go on….sherry trifle, perhaps, and a couple of Bendicks bittermints, maybe…but then I sense that you are a discerning lady who is better with moderation than I am.
    Thankyou for this lovely post. I am so with you regarding gardening; my rockery has been looking at me balefully since September and not even an all-singing, all-dancing leaf hoover would get me out there.
    Enjoy Strictly.

  2. Joy Lenton says:

    A favourite read, drink and some chocolate would be good. Don’t forget to lavishly daub yourself with the new perfume, lay back, kick off your shoes and relax/sleep if you want to. A time of pure self-indulgence now and then is good for the soul. Basically, do whatever gives you pleasure and relaxation. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. scskillman says:

    I would suggest smoked salmon, Brie & Camemebert, some delicious olives & maybe a few King Prawns & some sundried tomato & feta cheese sald, plus a good glass of wine! Those are the speciality foods I like, anyway!

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