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Gap day

on December 4, 2012

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Tuesday is a non-writing day – apart from this blog. I have a cheerful morning meeting with a bunch of friends from one of the churches I serve. Then it’s sensible to have lunch nearby and head on up to my next meeting with another cheerful bunch of friends.

I usually get home… round about now. After a nice day. But no writing. And yet…

And yet I come home topped up with lots of good and necessary things. Here are a few:

  • Company – because writing is a solitary business and we can get a bit shut-in which can make our writing, and us, stale.
  • Laughter – spirits can droop especially when the writing isn’t going well, but the laughter of friends soon lifts the spirits
  • Encouragement – we need folk who believe in us and what we’re trying to do to boost our morale and keep us going
  • Fresh perspectives – so we don’t get bogged down in our rut unable to see over the top
  • New ideas and information – if you’re spending most of your time cloistered with your current project, you may be blind and deaf to anything other than what you already have… and miss out on new angles, fresh leads, light on the inevitable problems
  • The refreshment of a change of scene – to combat the onset of stir-craziness!
  • Fresh air – breathing in properly not hunched over the keyboard
  • A bit of physical exercise – even if it’s only a short walk, it will refresh and prevent aches and pains
  • Time out – this is brain refresh time, switch-off for the moment, but letting what we’ve done so far settle and sort itself out ready for the next time we hit the keyboard

I’m looking forward to tomorrow!



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