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Seeing the wood for the trees

on December 10, 2012

I love trees. Funny really, when you consider where I come from – the tundra region where’s there hardly any trees. But I do love trees. I like to sketch but I’m not very good at it. Trees are a particular problem for me, turning out looking more like lollipops or loo brushes than real live trees.

The problem is that there are so many varieties with so many different shapes and habits of growth. Some have branches that stick straight up, other go out to the side, still others dip and trail.

This is where winter is so helpful. After all the leaves have gone, you can see clearly the shape – the structure – of the tree. Exactly what was behind all that lovely greenery. What was supporting the show.

Digital Image

And there, clear to see, is what has been hidden –  great big bunches of mistletoe. They look so strange as if they’ve suddenly appeared in time for Christmas. But they’ve been there all year, hidden behind the greenery.

Christmastime is notorious for family fallings-out. But like the mistletoe, the bad feelings have been there all year only waiting to be revealed.

No doubt EastEnders will have a classic conflict-filled Christmas special!






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