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Over and out – till 2013

on December 18, 2012


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The deadline looms. I think I’ll need every spare second! So I’m signing off for the time being – with grateful thanks to my readers for sticking with the blog, and my warmest appreciation to all of you who troubled to post encouraging comments. They really help! Thank you.

My deadline is 31st December. I’m planning – as a good Scot – to then celebrate Hogmanay and New Year, and maybe give myself a few days off. After that… well, a whole new wonderful year awaits, full of promise and surprises!

I wish you a very happy Christmas, richly blessed by the love of the Christ-child, and I pray for a thoroughly wonderful 2013 for each one of you.


3 responses to “Over and out – till 2013

  1. Hilary says:

    Just a short note to wish you and John as good a Christmas as is possible in the circumstances, best wishes for the successful completion of your book and look forward to us meeting up some time the the New Year.
    Love and besslings

  2. May you find peace especially this Christmas. I’ll wing off a prayer that the writing is zipping along. I had to shut everything down to make my deadline before Christmas, so I understand what you’re feeling. May your words flow and your edits be few. Hugs. Kris

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