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Welcome, 2013!

on January 2, 2013

Let’s cry welcome to 2013! We cross from 2012 into 2013 – where will this year take us?

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Happy new year to everyone who pops in to visit the blog. According to the custom of where I come from, I thank you for first-footing me. (I wonder who will be first?!)

My birth-family is a pretty teetotal lot so although I’ll offer you a tiny dram of fine single-malt Scotch whisky (Highland Park, the Orkney whisky, or a nice west coast Laphroaig) – or a small ladylike sherry – or a nice robust glass of Shiraz or Rioja, I’m also offering a good cup of tea, and there on the table graced by its lace-edged white tablecoth, you’ll find shortbread and Christmas cake, cheddar (or a good orange Dunlop) and oatcakes, and some of my Mum’s amazing black bun which was only made for Hogmanay and New Year.

Tuck in. You are welcome.

And the fire blazes cheerily and the bapipe and accordion music plays cheerfully and the dark days and nights matter not a jot because hearts are warm and so are tummies!

And we ask God’s blessings on you and yours for a year of health and happiness, of lots of good things to say thank you to Him for.

Goodbye 2012. Some of us are glad to move on. Welcome, New Year, filled to the brim with glorious possibilities. Let’s get in there and enjoy!


8 responses to “Welcome, 2013!

  1. Helen Murray says:

    Well, thank you Dorothy, don’t mind if I do. I’ll have a nice cup of tea and a slice of Christmas cake with a little nugget of cheddar, thank you kindly. When the children are in bed I might just nip back for a small Shiraz. I’ll bring some chestnuts to roast.
    Here’s to 2013. May it be a vintage year.

  2. Hilary says:

    In the old days I would have plumped for a single malt but now I will just settle for a cup of tea with oatcakes and cheese as I have completely lost any love of sweet things.
    May 2013 bring you serenity.

  3. I was reading this while eating Liquorice Allsorts and ended up pretending they were black bun and Dunlop cheese. Happy new year!

  4. Pat Williamson says:

    You know I will never thank you for a cup of tea but I’ll drop in to wish you all the best of God’s blessings in 2013. See you soon. Pat

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