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Recharge time

on January 12, 2013

The weather forecast is for snow and I, for one, am delighted. I’d like snow, lots of snow. I’d like to wake up tomorrow morning to that muffled silence that a deep covering of snow gives the busiest streets, and the strange glowing light that bounces off snow.

And I’d like it to last at least a fortnight.

My larder is nicely stocked. I’ve a hearty casserole bubbling in the slow-cooker. And, of course, I’ve got my Kindle. Who could ask for anything more?!

What’s brought on this attack of  hibernation-desire? A whole day off. A day going nowhere, seeing nobody but the cats and the fat pigeons and hungry blackbirds in the garden and the characters in the books on my Kindle.

Lucy the downstairs cat  considers what we'll read next

Lucy the downstairs cat considers what we’ll read next

Saturday. A beautiful, unrushed, unpressured Saturday with no to-do-list. I have lazed my way through it. Blissful.

And tomorrow promises more of the same.

I admit it takes a very significant gear-change for me to relax and go with the flow, do whatever comes to hand and feels nice – read, listen to music, feed the birds, read, drink coffee, cook up a casserole for the slow-cooker, read, drink coffee… all at a gentle leisurely pace. I could really get used to this,which is why the idea of a couple of weeks of snow is so appealing.

Except I know that come Monday, refreshed and restored, I’ll want to be doing something again!

Before I went to bed last night, I realised that both my iPad and my Kindle needed recharging so I found their chargers and got them plugged them in. This morning they were fully charged and ready to be used again.

We need that too. Slogging on past the sensible point when we know we should rest, stop, take a break, only leads to burn-out or a rotten dose of flu. Sabbath, God called it. A day off. Once a week.

Both the Kindle and the iPad came with manufacturer’s instructions about recharging. So do we.

I hope you’re getting some time off this weekend – and especially tomorrow. Have a happy, relaxing, restorative Sabbath!



4 responses to “Recharge time

  1. Helen Murray says:

    Amen! That sounds wonderful. Here’s to six feet of snow. A fortnight just won’t be enough!

  2. No to-do list? Wow … take me to your world! This sounds amazing. You’re right about snow, though. I remember a ‘snow day’ a couple of years back when we couldn’t get into school to teach, so we just got a call in the morning saying ‘stay at home’. No agenda! It was amazing. Met neighbours. Watched kids making snowmen. Just … sat about! Shame that life can’t be like that more often.

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