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Life springs…

on January 13, 2013

The forecast is for snow and the sky has that strange bruised colouring that threatens storm.

Digital Image

In lieu of a walk along the beach, I feel moved to a garden inspection. This is January and time to review what’s there and play happy games of imagining what could be there if I’d get my finger out! So I start down the path.

The seedheads of the garlic chives are like silver filigree candelabra.

Digital Image

And poking up, strikingly bright yellow, are the irrepressible tightly folded leaves of rhubarb on its juicy red stem promising sharp, fresh tastes to awaken jaded winter tastebuds. I can’t bear to hide them away under a forcing bucket!

Digital Image

At the bottom of the garden, tucked away under the leaf litter of the hazel are pointy green spears from hidden bulbs and the Lords and Ladies.

Digital Image

And the hazel itself is adorned with buds, neatly tucked snug and tight, a promise of spring.

Digital Image

And there peeping out from a mass of leaves and undergrowth are tiny violets. Heart’s ease.

Digital Image

Digital Image

It may be January and winter has barely taken a grip. The first real snow is forecast for tonight. But in my garden – in my small corner of God’s big world –  there is fresh new life that hasn’t been wiped out or done down. That refuses to give up.

The brightness of the rhubarb’s yellow leaves wave a flag of defiance at everything winter can throw at it. And the heart’s ease’s gentle unassuming presence reminds me that quiet is no bad thing!

We serve a Lord of life. A Lord of love. He is the Lord of new every morning and he offers living water for whoever will accept it. Living water and new life – and tiny flowers peeping out to ease our hearts and remind us that He has overcome everything that would seek to conquer our spirits.

We too can hang on through the winter of the spirit or the body, because we know that spring will come.


One response to “Life springs…

  1. Pat Williamson says:

    Loved it Dorothy but I’m afraid I don’t share your enthusiasm for snow! Take care


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