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Children in the snow

on January 14, 2013

I know the snow is on its way.  I could taste it in the air when I went outside. That extra-clean, sharp, dry, ice-crystal taste.

Frost on the purple sage

Frost on the purple sage

And my hair has gone flat. Like my grandmother’s. She kept her hair brushed smoothly back and neatly tucked into a little bun at the nape of her neck. It was a soft mouse brown and fine as silk. When there’s snow on the way, mine flattens, straightens. Not long enough to force into a bun but it would take a lace cap nicely!

And then my squirrel instinct takes hold. I found myself at the supermarket pushing a laden trolley and dreaming up batch cook-ins of hearty casseroles. I’m happy to say I wasn’t the only one stocking up!

The roads were dry and well-gritted, councils determined not to be caught unprepared.

But the weird thing is how snow always does seem to come as a surprise. Drivers seem to forget how to adapt their driving styles – and their braking! – to suit the conditions, and skids and slithers soon clog up the roads, even when there’s barely an inch or two of snow on the ground. Trains grind to a halt. I think it was last year we were told that was because it was the wrong kind of snow”.

Weather. What we Brits have a lot of. To give us something to talk about that isn’t too personal. A funny kind of gift. Like lots of the gifts God bestows on us, we may need to look a little more closely to find the silver lining. But it will be there.

I think snow is beautiful.

I love the taste of it in the air.

I love the wonder of snowflake design – each one different. How does he do it?!!

I love the silence of a snowy morning.

I love the sense of being cocooned.

I love the hopefulness of green shoots poking through snow.

I love to put out nuts and seeds and fresh water for the birds and then watch them enjoy it.

I love the laughter of children out on sledges, and I love the snowmen they make.

I love the sheer playfulness of it all.

I love the enforced sabbath-ness of it, so softly and gently – one flake at a time – reminding us who is really is in charge of what we think of as our world but isn’t. Is his.

And if he chooses to give us a day off, let’s seize it with playfulness and enjoy it!




5 responses to “Children in the snow

  1. Oh yes, I agree – I love to play in the snow! It doesn’t matter what age you are…and a day off is a blessed time with my kids!

  2. scskillman says:

    I agree.I love it when our familiar environment is transformed into another world by the snow. It makes us see our surroundings with new eyes – like being a child again.

  3. MythRider says:

    I moved to Minnesota from the deep south. I’ve come to love the snow. It’s pretty, fun to play in, take pictures of, and challenging to drive in. Over all it’s been a pleasant experience.

  4. Pat says:

    Er, not for me.
    Hate it. Horrible white cold stuff, unkind and icy and a total nuisance.
    You can have mine! 🙂

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