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Style tips for the older shopper

on January 17, 2013

I’m not old. No, really.

Just because my birth certificate has certain fixed ideas doesn’t mean I have to pay much attention to them. And one idea I have resolutely, nay stubbornly resisted is the purchase of a shopping trolley on wheels. (Apart from my car that is.) Wheelie bags are for the elderly. And I’m not. Ergo: no shopping trolley.

Till last year, when the heavy snow came. And I woke up one morning to discover that the cats were down to the last portion of cat food, both pouches and crunchy biscuits. The street was icy and too hazardous to take the car out to the shops. And a big box of cat food plus a big bag of cat biscuits are rather heavy to carry. What to do?

On with the wellie boots and off I plodded down to our wonderful ironmongery store: one of those fabulous got-everything from a tap washer to a pressure cooker to a pot of paint to a pvc apron to a… shopping bag on wheels. But I was not going to accept defeat gracefully. I bought the brightest one I could find. if I was going to give in, I’d do it in style.

It brought the cat food home safely and has skulked, unloved and unused, in the garage every since.

Till today. This time it was the birds’ fault. I had plenty of cat food but had just used up the last of the peanuts and mixed seeds. Watching the wonderful Winterwatch on BBC TV last night, I knew I had a responsibility to provide winter sustenance for our feathered friends so when this morning dawned bright and clear, I knew I had to do something about it.

Digital Image

So this is what the not-so-old, intrepid, braving-the-snow shopper-about-town is using this year.

I’ll get back to the book lists tomorrow – when a blizzard is forecast!




2 responses to “Style tips for the older shopper

  1. mrshmmurray says:

    I bet you stand out beautifully against the snow.

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