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The best is yet to come

on January 20, 2013

Downstairs cat and I have made a decision.
Sunday + more snow = a peaceful afternoon, staying at home in the warm.

I did venture out this morning. As my car hasn’t been out since Monday, it took a while to clear the snow and then the crunchy ice layer off the windscreen. Though the worst bit was staying upright on the slippery pavements between the carpark and church.

Our church has many things in its favour. Effective heating so you take your coat off is one of them. This warmth is matched by the welcome – just what I needed, not having seen a soul since Thursday when I last ventured out.

Denis our minister preached on the wedding at Cana. Since I’d been invited for drinks with friends after church that reminded me to buy a bottle of wine to bring as my guest-gift. But what struck me, in a nice way, was the reported comment from the bloke in charge of the wedding feast who got to taste the wine.

‘Hey,’ he said. ‘This lot is better than the earlier stuff.’

And suddenly I thought, here is hope for all of us. We probably knew that Jesus can turn the H2O – the boring everyday -of our lives into something valuable (us + Jesus = very special) but for those of us over a certain age, when maybe dreams and hopes and energy and time are wearing a bit thin and looking like they might run out, here is a wonderful promise. If we will, like the servants at the feast, do whatever Jesus tells us to do, we will find that the best wine has been saved till the last.

How wonderful is that?


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