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Give trust a chance

on January 21, 2013

Violet’s nose fell off.

And my friend laughed.

Now the first line could be the start to many kinds of stories: crooked plastic surgeons, science fiction with disposable noses or nasty fairy tales with monsters. But add the second line – and the weather, of course – and those of you quick on the uptake will realise we’re talking about a snowlady.

Being a writer, my writerly friends would of course name their snowperson. (Though “Violet”? I know snow can look blueish in the chilly light …)

I have no snowperson in my garden. But I have been out and cleared a path from the door to the car, round to the bins, and at the back I’ve cleared a path so I can continue to feed the birds. Each path is as straight and short as I can make it. Winding, zig-zagging paths have no attraction in snow. The postman’s path is as direct as possible.

Digital Image

Paths and roads turn up quite a lot in the Bible. The recommended kind is straight and smooth and narrow. Winding ones tend to be going the wrong way.

So what to do when you realise you can’t see the way ahead? Stop a while.

“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

Not exactly in tune with 21st century get up and go! We tend to rush around, telling friends whose hasty paths bisect ours for a moment “Let’s lunch! Have coffee some time!” but we never get around to it. Not enough time.

It seems to me that these snow days here in the UK have given us a wonderful opportunity for stopping the rush. For returning and finding rest in quietness. For dropping the hustle and bustle and giving trust a chance. For resting in God and letting Him look after everything.

And as He soothes your soul, you might just decide this is how you want to live more of the time. And it doesn’t require snow!





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