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Finding what works

on January 23, 2013

I’ve had three tries at this:

My first try drew on The Writers Alley blog for today about personality types and writing. I found it very helpful, especially the bit about how to use your knowledge of your type to help you get the writing done. Even if I am an otter and a golden retriever (woof).

Knowing nothing about dogs, I don't know whether Amber is a golden retriever. But she is gorgeous

Knowing nothing about dogs, I don’t know whether Amber is a golden retriever. But she is gorgeous

Then I tried about choosing hymns and writing sermons (which I hardly ever do because I’m not at all convinced most congregations have long enough attention spans for sermons. I usually do short bits: two or three that link up with hymns and prayers to make a complete message.)

There was one about patience. Which I also don’t have.

Which is where I gave up.

Basically I have been avoiding mentioning the snow. You know the trick where you tell people not to think of elephants – and all they can think of for ages afterwards is elephants? Well, it’s been like that.

I wanted to say I haven’t been out of the house today. My car hasn’t been out since Sunday and if I want to take it out, I’m going to have to get on the wellies and dig it out. I can see definite signs that I’m emerging from the hibernation of the snow-days. Knowing when to stop and rest is one good thing. Knowing when to heed the signals that say it’s time to get moving again is good too!

I have to admit to considerable envy for the Children of Israel on their desert wanderings as they followed a pillar of cloud by day and then had a nice column of fire at night to tell them to stop and stay put. Yes, I know we’re much more blessed having the Holy Spirit up close and personal but oh I’d love some solid signposts.

This morning I could have gone out. There was a meeting about setting up a Food Bank in our town and I really value that and would love to be involved. But I have a service to prepare for Sunday and generally the days when volunteers will be needed just aren’t possible for me. I had a bit of a tussle with myself. I wanted to be out there, doing things. But my job was at the desk, doing my prep for Sunday.

Once I’d got myself to my desk and stuck in to the books, I discovered peace – and knew I’d made the right choice. We are not all called to the out-there ministries. Just as we are not all called to the study and write sermons and books ministries.

But we are all called.

There’s a job for each one of us. A job that fits our personality type, created perfectly for us by our Heavenly Father. Finding that job, doing that job, we will discover peace and joy and fulfilment, His gifts to us.





One response to “Finding what works

  1. Pat says:

    I didn’t know about the setting up of a Food Bank. What a good idea? Details please…. And I did go out yesterday, to a funeral. The paths are still terrible and the car park pretty horrible too. Take care you don’t slip. 🙂

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