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All quiet on the eastern front

on January 28, 2013

Yesterday was sufficient excitement for me so I declared today a day off. The sun was shining so I headed for Aldeburgh, planning a walk along the beach. But first breakfast: Munchies’ amazing 2-egg bap and a large coffee. And I found myself sitting outside in the sunshine, receiving friendly approving smiles from the passers-by.

Digital Image

And then the walk along the beach. Past the RNLI lifeboat complex which looks remarkably like an ark — but how appropriate for saving lives from the sea!

Digital Image

And at last, Maggie Hambling’s wonderful shell sculpture.

Digital Image

I’ve been longing to get up close to it ever since it went up. Some NIMBIES in Aldeburgh came out vociferously agin it but I think it is beautiful.

Digital Image

I walked around it, enjoying its gleaming, clean-cut shape against the bright blue sky, then took myself back into town for lunch at the Upper Deck, upstairs from the Golden Galleon fish & chip shop with its wonderful buxom figurehead on the corner.

Digital Image

Another item on my want-to-do list that I haven’t been able to do before. Excellent scampi and chips with mushy peas.

But that got me thinking: would I be able to recognise a scampus if I met one in the life?




One response to “All quiet on the eastern front

  1. Sounds like a puuurfect day! =^.^=

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