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Winter garden

on February 10, 2013

Promised more snow, here’s a winter poem from three years ago:


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Winter Garden


It’s that slow time of year for the gardener.

Waking to hard frosts that transform

even the weeds to Jack Frost beauty,

I see that my tarragon has taken a beating,

but the rough, turned, new flower bed

is magically benefiting

from the ice that crowns each lump of soil.

And, just back from my mother’s funeral,

grief seizes my heart again in its fierce icy grip.

Like my garden in winter,

all I can do is wait it out

and hope that one day

the frost will have gone

and my heart will not have withered like the tarragon

but softened and fined down

like the good earth of my flower beds.

And maybe, come summer,

there will be roses.


Dorothy M. Stewart 11.1.09


Please remember everything I write and post here is protected by copyright. If you’d like to use any of it, please do ask.


3 responses to “Winter garden

  1. Unfortunately, the groundhog saw his shadow in my part of the country, but you just go ahead and feel free to keep all the snow at your place. Thanks.

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