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The love of writing

on February 11, 2013

I have had a blissful morning. So good, in fact, that I’m finding it hard to settle down to the next tasks on the list. You see, I have been doing what Terry Pratchett used to refer to on the back jacket flap of his books as “the best fun you can have on your own”: writing fiction.

Yes, three cheers and whoopee and all the other huzzahs you can think of: I got back into the Book With No Name this morning. I haven’t touched it since 26th October when I had to lay it aside and meet my deadline for the other book, the one under contract. So it was with trepidation that I booted up the laptop and slipped the pen drive into place.

New Book. Click.

Draft. Click.

Chapter 1. Click.

I was girded, prepared — for it to be rubbish. Boring. Junk. But this needed to be done: I had to see for myself and then decide to dump it. Walk away.

Digital Image

Now how do I say this without sounding…vainglorious? proud? unhumble? Because the plain and simple truth is that I loved it. My characters were alive and I loved them. The first few chapters flowed by, needing the barest tinkering, a comma here, a better word there. And by the time I came to a chapter which needed a new section, I looked at my watch: Drat! I should stop and make lunch. No. Not yet! I can’t bear to stop now!

Lunch was an hour late. Delicious. But oh so second best!

I had planned to read and decide on the book’s fate. I’d been away from it long enough to have detached from that first giddy infatuation with the story and my story people that fuels the hard work of writing and can sometimes blind the writer to the fact that the story won’t work or the whole thing is utter tosh.

You won’t be surprised to know that I think maybe this book deserves a chance. I can’t bear to not finish it. I’ve got several powerful new scenes — things that have happened to me since 26 October — just crying out to be reworked and inserted into the book. I want to get to the explanations and the happy-ever-afters. I even want to sit there typing up the sad scenes with tears pouring down my face!

Oh dear. I’m in love again. Totally captivated by these people and their story.

But that’s how books get you, isn’t it? You can’t write them without love – for your characters, for your readers, and with enormous gratitude to a wonderful God who shares the amazing joy of creation with His creatures.

Now that’s worth three cheers and whoopee and all the huzzahs in the world!



3 responses to “The love of writing

  1. It all sounds very promising! Keep going!

  2. 20angel13 says:

    Well done! There is nothing in the world like that feeling (when it works). Squeeze the juice out of it 🙂

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