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How to be happy

on February 24, 2013

I’ve got sand on my boots as I sit in the car,

the roar of creamy-topped wild waves in my ears,

a mug of hot coffee in my hand from the flask I brought from home,

and a sense of delight.


First I walked along the promenade as usual,

then could not resist the lure of the waves.

Digital Image

So down I went: over the soft golden sand nearest the beach huts,

Digital Image

past the band of shiny, flat, sea-washed pebbles,

plowtered through the treacherous looks-firm sand where the water is leaching out from beneath with the receding tide,

and finally down to the freshly damp, freshly freed, firm sand with its scatter of stones.

Digital Image

No one else seems to be venturing this close –

then a dog rushes past me.

Digital Image

A girl-child in layers of pinks and florals dashes past in the opposite direction

and then I hear the delighted shriek as the waves come too close.

It’s snowing.

The sky is grey.

The lamp in the lighthouse is lit.

Digital Image


How to be happy? It’s easy: relax and enjoy the journey. You can, when God is with you.



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