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Clearing the undergrowth

on February 26, 2013

Do you work best in cosy comfort? In what other people think of as a messy muddle but you know where everything is? Or are you like me and really work best (and live best) in tidiness?

When I start a major project, I always have to do a clear-out. And when my study – or my home – gets untidy, I know there’s a problem. My mind gets messy when the place is a physical mess. I just can’t do chaos.

Tuesdays are my busy days – with a meeting in the morning and another in the afternoon. Where I park in the morning is a neat little parking bay but until recently it has been bordered by heavily encroaching undergrowth that scratches my car.

Today as I drove up, I saw that someone had cleared the weeds and dead straggling brambles. Revealed was a pleasant little glade, with clumps of snowdrops which now have the light and air they need to thrive.

Digital Image

Jesus told a story about how people’s lives get choked by the equivalent of thorns and thistles, encroaching undergrowth and great straggling weeds. It was the story about a man sowing seeds. The seeds that fell among the nasty weeds didn’t have much chance to grow.

Lent is a good time to take a look at the weeds in our lives and see if perhaps we need to do a bit of undergrowth clearing. Maybe we’ll discover, as I did this morning, some hidden blessings we had overlooked under the thorns and thistles!


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