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The only way

on March 1, 2013

There is only one way.

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We know we are called to the way of the Cross, but do we sometimes forget that the way of the Cross is the way of love – the amazing outworking of God’s no-holds-barred love for us?

The way of the Cross is the way of love.

And the way of love is the way of the Cross.

So, if we love, there may well be a cross at the heart of it.

And the challenge for us is to keep our hearts open and let God’s love pour down and wash through our hearts, taking away the bitterness out of the bitter-sweet, all the dregs of resentment and fear and anxiety – washing us clean and then flowing out of us into this world of need for God’s love, purified: love with righteousness, love with holy joy, even amidst the tears.

All that God asks of us… is all of us.

Open, hurting, loving.

Forgiven and forgiving.

Channels of His love and His grace and His peace.



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