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Safe harbour or stuck in the mud?

on March 4, 2013

I’ve been away. From Friday evening till post-lunch Sunday. On a Methodist Local Preachers weekend.

I had a fantastic time: great company, inspirational input and workshops, fabulous food, excellent accommodation. And now I’m home again.

It’s nice to be home again. Nice to see the cats. Nice to have a sunny day when I could go for a long walk round Southwold harbour.

But there’s this sense of having to rein in the horses. Teresa of Avila used to get her nuns to attach a long rope to her waist so if she levitated during prayer, they could pull her back down again.

I have to admit I feel a bit like that!

Mountain-tops are great and I come back feeling scoured out, and filled up with the very finest high-powered inspiration (thank You, Holy Spirit!). The big question is what to do with it?

I could simply file the handouts away in a neatly labelled folder. Settle back into routine. Back to plod. One foot after the other. Same old…

But I don’t think God’s into same old. ‘New every morning,’ that’s Him (Lamentations 3:23) and what He’s up to: ‘Look, I’m doing a new thing!’ (Isaiah 43: 19) There are going to be new heavens and new earth… No, no sign of a commitment to plodding, boring, same old…!

Are we ‘watch this space’ people? Are we signed up for new and exciting? Do we have the courage to plunge into those living waters and see where that river will take us?

On my walk, I was intrigued to see a boat with a whopping great lump of concrete in the back of it.

Digital Image

It wasn’t going anywhere fast.

And I wonder have we become a bit like this? Have we let our churches become like this – with the dead weight of unnecessary ‘we’ve always done it this way’ traditions solidly preventing us getting launched into God’s active and alive ocean where He’s doing exciting things and wants us to be involved?

Could it be that’s why we’ve put the lump of concrete in the back – so we don’t have to launch out?!

Maybe it’s time to ditch the excess luggage.



9 responses to “Safe harbour or stuck in the mud?

  1. Pat williamson says:

    Glad you enjoyed the weekend. Pat

  2. This is very thought provoking – we are often challenged to leave the shore and set out into an exciting but unknown journey with God – like Abram. Are you stepping out into new territory Dorothy? Will we all?

  3. 20angel13 says:

    A real challenge for me here Dorothy. Thanks. And I love Theresa of Avila. I have one of her prayers written out in beautiful calligraphy on my bedroom wall – “Let nothing disturb thee, Let nothing dismay thee…”

  4. That boat with the concrete in is a great metaphor indeed!

  5. Looking at the picture, I’d say that someone hasn’t quite understood about anchors! Which suggests another line of thought, about the need for stability and safe haven’s whilst we set out into something new. The amazing thing about God is that he can provide both – a challenge to move on and an assurance of security!

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