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Getting there

on March 12, 2013

I’m getting there. I’m back into my routine of straight to the laptop and into the novel-in-progress immediately after breakfast and I’m delighted to report, as of this morning, a total of 49,042 words. As I’m aiming for 85,000-95,000, there’s lots more to write – lots more I’m looking forward to writing. (Reminder: it’s set in 1921, amongst the fishing communities of my native Wick and the big – at that time – herring port of Great Yarmouth.) At the moment though, I need serious think time about one of my key characters. Until I really get a grip on her, I’ll not be able to forge ahead.

What I’m doing is completing the revise and rewrite of what I’ve got, tinkering, heightening the tension in the gently developing romance between my heroine, Lydia, and the lovely man who has come into her life. (This is Christian fiction so there’s no leaping into bed!) Soon, I’m going to have to tear them apart and send them on their separate ways for a couple of months.

Wick, from the harbour

Wick, from the harbour

Of course, only I know they will meet up again. Lydia believes her brief encounter with Frank is finished, the door slammed shut, and she is returning to the rest of the hard, sad but honourable life that she has made for herself back at home in Wick – but now with the painful loss of what-might-have-been, and all the torture of reliving her memories and doubting her feelings.

Frank, however, is determined to find Lydia again. He knows he doesn’t want to let her go – but first he needs to sort out and overcome her younger brother’s determined opposition. It’s got something to do with the war. Frank knows he met Robbie then. But as a military chaplain, he met so many desperate men, in so many desperate situations. If only he could remember…


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