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Dementia Diary: In praise of marbles

on March 14, 2013


I used to covet them – those perfect glass spheres

glinting as they rolled, greens and blues and reds,

clear ones and swirls. Boys had them

and pockets to keep them in. Girls didn’t.

Dresses didn’t have pockets. And girls

weren’t supposed to hunker down on pavements

to play those inexplicable games with marbles.

Digital Image

All these years later, I still envy males with marbles.

Watching tv I see cheerful older men talking,

eyes bright as the glinting marbles of long ago;

and then I return from lunch with one

whose bright intelligent gaze has been stolen by dementia,

and take him back to the home with the others,

those who have also lost their marbles.


2 responses to “Dementia Diary: In praise of marbles

  1. kirstyelgar says:

    Nice poem, but I’m not keen on the reference to dementia sufferers losing their marbles. I care for my nan and write a blog about it if you’d like to read it

  2. I am glad we have a God who holds all the marbles for us Dorothy. Bless you.

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