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Moving again

on March 16, 2013

I’m at that limbo stage when the buyers have said they want to buy the house, I’ve filled in the various questionnaires and sent them to the solicitor, and now wait for news of the completion date. I think I’ll probably be moving out at the end of April.

Out of curiosity I checked back to see what I’d written in 2007 when we moved in and here’s the poem:



I walk between a canyon of boxes,

my worldly goods piled high – books, clothes, crockery,

treasures and trash,

so easily stripped from shelves and cupboards

and tucked out of sight,

masked anonymously in plain brown boxes

cryptically labelled: D/room, H/way…

Limboed between tonight’s packing

and tomorrow’s move and unpacking,

I find I don’t need any of the stuff,

and freed for a night,

stripped back to bare minimum,

I find I breathe free

and enjoy the weightlessness

of a household of possessions



One response to “Moving again

  1. Day says:

    So well put … may the Lord Himself be your strength at this time

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