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Waiting time

on March 18, 2013

Day off after a particularly taxing four days, and I head off to my favourite place: Southwold beach. But today it’s misty.

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It doesn’t matter really. I love this place whatever the weather and enjoy my walk along the edge of the splashing waves, smiling at the few other crazies who like me have ventured out. Until I hear the sound of a heavy engine, the beep-beep warning of a reversing vehicle. And there it is: a big yellow bulldozer, out on the sand.

Digital Image

It’s not just the church that prepares for Easter. This seaside town needs to be ready for its expected visitors. I notice the promenade has been cleared of the inches-thick sand that the winter storms had swept in. And out there the bulldozer is continuing its job of rearranging what nature has done into a more acceptable shape.

And I am reminded of how, in the past, when life has gone misty and murky and I haven’t been able to see my way, I’ve bulldozed things into what I thought was a more acceptable shape — and created a terrible disaster for myself.

This time, oh please God! this time, I’ll be able to hang on and wait for God.

In returning and rest you shall be saved;

in quietness and in trust shall be your strength

Isaiah 30:15


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